...a heartfelt slice of master crafted indie folk brimming with the battle-tested capacity to endure the worst in others.”



Canadian-American songwriter Rachael Kilgour presents her heartfelt new release, My Father Loved Me. The album was recorded in her late father’s native Ontario and was produced by JUNO-award winning and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Rose Cousins.

In the spare and often gutting language for which she is known, Kilgour gives us a complex portrait of a man seen through his daughter’s eyes. The record poses questions about belonging, inheritance, and grief and triumphantly affirms the value of one ordinary working man’s life.

On stage Kilgour expertly balances her poignant, literate songs with her quick wit, landing somewhere between a comedy special and a funeral. Listeners can expect to laugh, weep, and reflect on their own relationships with fatherhood, mortality and grief.

Kilgour was the 2015 Grand Prize Winner of the NewSong Music Competition and a 2017 Kerrville New Folk Contest Winner, and has been featured at NYC’s Lincoln Center and The Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Her oft-noted “unapologetic lyrics” (Rolling Stone) and “master crafted indie folk” sensibilities (Billboard) are on full display in this latest collection of delicately woven songs.