We won Kickstarter! :)

$15, 896!! Thanks to everyone for jumping in and helping make this album happen! I fly out to Boston on November 3rd to continue with the recording process. Wish me luck!



It's LIVE!!
My Kickstarter Campaign is up and launched! Here's how it works: I need to raise $15,000 in order to finish recording, manufacturing and releasing my new album and Kickstarter helps me do that. If you visit the site…

Advance Tickets Available!

I just returned from a fabulous trip East! It began with my first ever Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale, NY and ended with a sweet songwriting retreat in Maine led by my dear friend and mentor, Catie Curtis. I'm…

Save the Date!

Welcome to the new website! Please sign up for the mailing list and check out upcoming events to your right! I am headed out to NY the weekend of July 30th for the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and then off…