We did it! On September 23rd, the Kickstarter campaign for GAME CHANGER closed with a total of $8,281

I hope you all know how deeply appreciative I am. 

Sometimes running a crowdfunding campaign can leave you feeling a…

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This Machine...

...Doesn't kill anyone but hopefully, it makes them think.

Introducing my new music-making companion: an OM series hand built by legendary New England luthier, Alan Carruth. I had a magical time visiting Alan at his shop in NH…

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Some big things.

Later this week, Sara Pajunen and I will leave MN to begin our two-year adventure in Boston, MA. Catch our new duo, SOUND AN ECHO, as we drive East: 

AUG 5th - Park Center, Hayward WI 


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Billboard premieres "Deep Bruises"

I've been happily working with Newsong Music and Terrorbird Media to promote the album in anticipation of this week's release. This past month we've garnered the attention of publications like Impose Magazine, PopMatters and, my personal favorite, Billboard. Take a…

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A New Year.

Happy New Year! 

It’s time again for letting go of the old and birthing the new. I am happy to FINALLY announce the official release of my third album, Rabbit in the Road, March 3rd on NewSong Recordings. It…

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"Rabbit in the Road" Pre-Release Tour

I'm happy to announce the upcoming release of my third album, "Rabbit in the Road"! With help from NewSong Recordings, producer Catie Curtis and co-producers Gar Ragland and Crit Harmon, a whole host of talented musicians, artists, friends, family and…

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Songs from My Living Room - February 10th

I just returned from the most marvelous trip to the Sundance Film Festival! The mind-blowing experience (which included a performance at the ASCAP Music Cafe and a handful of comp tickets to some incredible films) was just one of the…

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Rachael Kilgour Wins the NewSong Contest!

Some exciting news to start off the the new year! On January 7th I participated as a finalist in the NewSong Music Showcase and Competition at the Lincoln Center in NYC! It was quite the experience playing in that venue…Read more

A Joyful December!

 A GIGANTIC thank you to everyone who contributed and/or shared the Kickstarter campaign with friends and family. I cannot believe we pulled that off! I am feeling so blessed to have songwriting as an outlet, to have the ability to…Read more

We won Kickstarter! :)

$15, 896!! Thanks to everyone for jumping in and helping make this album happen! I fly out to Boston on November 3rd to continue with the recording process. Wish me luck!



It's LIVE!!
My Kickstarter Campaign is up and launched! Here's how it works: I need to raise $15,000 in order to finish recording, manufacturing and releasing my new album and Kickstarter helps me do that. If you visit the site…Read more