Thank you for Kickstarting the Dad Album! 👨‍👧

We achieved a remarkable feat together! 

I know many of us have been stretched thin by this pandemic - financially, relationally, emotionally and more. And right in the middle of all of that, I brought a big ask to the table. 

I've been slowly collecting these songs about my dad since his death four years ago. I always intended to record them, but I wasn't sure how. I wanted it to be special! I wanted to celebrate his very average life the way we all deserve to be celebrated - like rare gems. 

I cannot wait to bring these songs to record with Rose Cousins and our team of musicians and technicians in Toronto this coming February. I think we are going to make something really quite beautiful. 

I am being completely honest when I say this would not have been possible without the 333 of you who supported my Kickstarter campaign. Your generosity not only provided the funding for my next album, it made it possible for me to continue choosing this career. 

Thank you for believing in me and for continuing to support art making at a time when most of us are just trying to survive.

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