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Thank you for Kickstarting the Dad Album! 👨‍👧

We achieved a remarkable feat together! 

I know many of us have been stretched thin by this pandemic - financially, relationally, emotionally and more. And right in the middle of all of that, I brought a big ask to the…

Midwest Coast Tour with Grace Pettis!

After a long and introspective year and a half, I have some exciting news! Grace and I have a real-life in-person tour coming up. We will be bringing some live music (and some truthful, heartfelt songs) to a number of…

Rabbit in the Road Virtual Concert

There was a time when I felt hollowed out like a pumpkin at Halloween - like someone had scraped my insides clean and my ribcage was in danger of collapsing. Today the feeling is different, but it still lives somewhere…

An Important Summer

Well, how are you holding up? 

When the pandemic first hit, I found myself motivated to greet the uncertainty with presence and connection. My days were filled with cooking and yard work and long walks and community organizing and phone…

How Are You?

Dear friends, 

I decided to take a little time to collect myself before reaching out. 

How are you? 

I am feeling grateful for the relationships in my life, for my steady housing situation, for the solace I find in music…

Sound an Echo Album Release

This month my partner Sara Pajunen and I release our first album as a duo (Sound an Echo)! And We'll All Go Together is a sweet, homemade little project that was recorded in a cabin in northern Massachusetts. Head on…

Sound an Echo Patreon Launch!

Have you heard Rachael's collaboration with Sara Pajunen in "Sound an Echo"? You definitely should!

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Star Tribune Profile

Thanks to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune for the lovely write up! I'm very grateful to writer Neal Justin for taking the time to talk and listen to my work:

HOLY ARE WE out today!

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I have been very fortunate in my life - born to a family and surrounded by a community that readily accepted me and the women I have loved. I am…