With vulnerability, wit and passion, Minnesota based singer-songwriter Rachael Kilgour effortlessly merges the personal and political, engaging and inspiring listeners of all backgrounds. Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 NewSong Contest, winner of the 2015 LEAF Newsong Contest and Finalist in the 2015 Telluride Troubadour Competition.

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Songs from My Living Room - Online Concert - February 10th 

Hello Cute-ifuls! 

I just returned from the most marvelous trip to the Sundance Film Festival! The mind-blowing experience (which included a performance at the ASCAP Music Cafe and a handful of comp tickets to some incredible films) was just one of the many fabulous prizes I was awarded as the winner of the NewSong Contest last month. Those guys are peaches, I tell you. NewSong Music. Look 'em up. 

I'm writing to invite you all to an online concert! I know that quite a few of you live a distance away from me and don't often get the chance to see me live, so this one's for you! On February 10th at 8pm CST you can sign in to Concert Window at https://www.concertwindow.com/105071-rachael-kilgour and watch the live show from the comfort of your own home! No babysitters necessary. Welcome to the future! 

In the meantime, check out my new video! It's a submission for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert series and was filmed by Trent Waterman on a frozen Minnesota lake.

Rachael Kilgour Wins the NewSong Contest! 

Some exciting news to start off the the new year! On January 7th I participated as a finalist in the NewSong Music Showcase and Competition at the Lincoln Center in NYC! It was quite the experience playing in that venue to a packed house and an honor to share the stage with some very talented artists. In the end, I was named the Grand Prize Winner of the competition, earning me a performance at the Sundance Film Festival later this month, a future performance of my own at Lincoln Center (date to be determined) and an EP recorded and produced at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, NC.


What a whirlwind! I spent some time in NYC celebrating with friends and connecting with some of my favorite musical peers, and now I'm back in Boston, MA getting ready for my final three days in the studio. Working with Catie Curtis and Crit Harmon on this project, as well as the many talented studio musicians, has been a dream. Can't wait to get this new album in your hands!

Thanks for the love!

A Joyful December! 

 A GIGANTIC thank you to everyone who contributed and/or shared the Kickstarter campaign with friends and family. I cannot believe we pulled that off! I am feeling so blessed to have songwriting as an outlet, to have the ability to make something beautiful out of a difficult time, and to have the chance to connect so deeply with so many souls. Crowdfunding can be crazy terrifying, but it also is such a fantastic reminder of the need for community and connection. I would not have been able to do this without each and every one of you and I don't plan on forgetting that anytime soon.

In other exciting news, I return to the East Coast this January to take part in the finals for the national Newsong Contest at The Lincoln Center in NYC!! It is such an honor to be chosen and to have the chance to perform in that space!! I wish I could bring all of you with me.

After the contest, I will head back to Boston for one last trip to the studio. We completed quite a lot during my last visit in November and I'm excited to be nearing the finish line! Once we finish perfecting my vocals and adding some harmonies, all that's left is mixing and mastering the recording, designing album artwork and coming up with a release plan! I'm reminded that anything worth doing is worth doing well...and doing things well often takes time. Thank you so much for your patience and support! 

Until my next big trip, I'm spending some time at home in Duluth, MN, praying for snow and preparing Kickstarter rewards! After much deliberation, I've decided not to release the live album I was working on this fall. The concert we recorded in my hometown on August 28th was a surprisingly emotional performance. While I am grateful to have record of the night and am proud to have made it through with the support of the audience, it's not something that's meant for sharing with the world.

INSTEAD, I'm putting on a free Christmas concert. Because money is a bad reason to miss out on joy. If you are in the Duluth area, I hope you'll join me on December 18th at Amazing Grace Cafe! 

Happy Holidays to you, whatever they may be!

We won Kickstarter! :) 

$15, 896!! Thanks to everyone for jumping in and helping make this album happen! I fly out to Boston on November 3rd to continue with the recording process. Wish me luck!



It's LIVE!!
My Kickstarter Campaign is up and launched! Here's how it works: I need to raise $15,000 in order to finish recording, manufacturing and releasing my new album and Kickstarter helps me do that. If you visit the site you can watch a short video about the project, read my story, donate/preorder a CD and choose from a variety of delightful rewards. The trick about Kickstarter is that I MUST reach the total amount by October 28th in order to receive ANY of the money, otherwise it will be returned to the donors. That means that your support is critical to the success of this campaign!
This has been a big year for me - both emotionally and professionally. I feel alive! I have some pretty intense gifts to share with the world right now and I need your help to make it happen.
After four days in the studio, I'm confident that this new album is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!! I can't wait to share it with all of you. Check out the Kickstarter video for a sneak peak of one of the songs! It features Duke Levine - a guitar legend who plays with the likes of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Aimee Mann and Roseanne Cash...to name a few. Holy buckets.
Please take a look, give what you can, and share it with everyone!


Thanks for believing in me!


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